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walk thru before and after

last proper shooting before closure
by Patricia Fliegauf for Münchner Stadtmuseum

last movie before closure by Roland Schunk

funeral march with the Express Brass Band
funeral march movie 1
funeral march movie 2
after the funeral march

time lapse movie of deconstruction
by Juri Gottschall for

new homes for old friends 1
new homes for old friends 2

trailer of documentary movie 'This Is Atomic Love'
by Heike Schuffenhauer & Marc Seibold
best selling movie at the 32rd DOK.fest, Munich 2017

our record label in high resolution

atomic desktop wallpapers

program 1997 - the first season
program 1998 - the second season
program 1999 - the third season
program 2000 - the fourth season
to be continued...

drinks drinks drinks 1
drinks drinks drinks 2
drinks drinks drinks 3
list of beverages