last proper shooting before closure
by Patricia Fliegauf for Münchner Stadtmuseum

last movie before closure by Roland Schunk

funeral march with the Express Brass Band
funeral march movie 1
funeral march movie 2
after the funeral march

time lapse movie of deconstruction
by Juri Gottschall for

new homes for old friends 1
new homes for old friends 2

trailer of documentary movie 'This Is Atomic Love'
by Heike Schuffenhauer & Marc Seibold
best selling movie at the 32rd DOK.fest, Munich 2017

our record label in high resolution

atomic desktop wallpapers

program 1997 - the first season
program 1998 - the second season
program 1999 - the third season
program 2000 - the fourth season
to be continued...

drinks drinks drinks 1
drinks drinks drinks 2
drinks drinks drinks 3